About Our Club

Wests Juniors is an Australian Football Club established 1928 and is located at Oakman Park on Union Street, Toowong in Brisbane's inner west.

Known as the Bulldogs, Wests Juniors Australian Football Club fields girls and boys teams in the AFL SEQ Juniors and Youth competitions as well as an under-18 QFA Colts side (known as Western Districts).

Wests strives to provide a safe, friendly and engaging environment for young footballers and their families to enjoy the game of Australian Rules Football (AFL).


Our vision is to be a respected junior Australian Football Club that is recognised by its peers and within the broader community as a junior sport leader encouraging respect, humility, community involvement and excellence.

The Bulldogs spirit is encapsulated in our Club song, which you can listen to here:


​To learn more about our Club, please contact us at admin@westsjuniorsafc.com.au

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